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What do you have to lose? 7 Day FREE Trial!

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• Train for the mind and the body will come.
• Plenty of variety to keep it fun and keep the body guessing each week.
• Both home and gym programs are available.

It's a lifestyle


  • I’m all about balance, it’s a lifestyle change and should feel like you are forever dieting or craving naughty foods.
  • If you don’t enjoy it then your not going to stick to it so have created a meal plan to keep meals simple but back full or flavour and wanting more.
  • I eat these meals myself and coming from a previous struggle with over eating, under eating and binding I now know what women need to balance hormones, cravings and enjoy what they eat.
Delicious and nutritious

Choose your meal plan
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Members can choose from one of three amazing meal plans for fast targeted results during your training and throughout your day to day routine.

Includes FREE recipe book

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Filled with easy to make recipes. All your nutritious meals in one book.

Calculated Macros

Each recipe is carefully measured and broken down into your macro nutrients. All the work is done for you.

All your meals

Delicious recipes for Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch and Dinner. No guessing, just follow the method and your set!


What do you have to lose? 7 Day FREE Trial!

$9.90 / weekSelect options

I can’t express enough my thanks for the results we have achieved from our many hours in the gym working on building strength, muscle growth all while learning the proper form and technique in weights and overall good health.


Workout FAQ

Can men do your workout?

Yes. Men can also do these workouts as they benefit everyone.

Am I too young/old?

There is no age limit on the plan as the intensity levels can be altered to suit the individual. Parental supervision required if you are under 16.

I want to improve my strength, is your program right for me?

Yes. These plans are created to focus and improve your strength and fitness.

I consider myself to be quite fit, will your program still challenge me?

Yes. As these plans are designed to increase your intensity as you go, the more you train, the higher the intensity levels, therefore, the better the results.

How fit do I need to be to start your program?

Everyone starts somewhere. Whether you are completely new to the fitness world, or a regular, there is no specific ‘type’ to start this program. The workouts can be altered to your fitness level i.e. Weight, intensity etc.

I’m so busy, how can I fit your workouts in?

Don’t worry! The workouts are generally 30-45 minutes long, which can be done at the gym or at home, at any time of the day to suit your schedule.

I’ve lost interest in other programs, what makes your program different?

Every week is a surprise workout! The workouts are constantly changing so you will never be doing the same thing twice in a row. The workouts are short, intense workouts so you are getting maximum results in a shorter amount of time.

What does your program include?

The program includes 5 workouts per week;

  • 5 x home workouts,
  • 5 x gym workouts

You can alter the workouts around your work/home schedule.
The workouts will be posted to the website each week so you will constantly stay updated.
Each workout will include a video demonstration and a description of each exercise below to help you perform the exercise correctly.

  • A meal plan catered to your health and fitness goals;
  • A recipe E-Book which includes simple and easy recipes included in your Meal Plan
  • Personal Invite to the EKPT Community where you will see regular live workouts, new recipes etc
  • Monthly check-ins to see how you are progressing and if your plan needs to be altered

When will I see results?

It all comes down to YOU.
If you stick to your plan provided to you 100%, you could see results as early as 4 weeks, but it all comes down to your determination, willpower and control.

Do you follow this program yourself?

I sure do. Each workout that is provided is tested by yours truly. 14 years as a Personal Trainer, I have worked out the best ways to increase muscle tone and decrease body fat by trialing each workout myself. Both my clients and myself have thoroughly enjoyed these workouts.

What equipment do I need?

If you are working out at a gym, they should already have all pieces of equipment required, as they are fairly basic.

For home workouts, I would recommend the following;

  • Dumbells (light/medium/heavy)
  • Kettlebells (light/medium/heavy) *As not necessary, dumbells can be used in replacement of kettlebells
  • Chair or bench
  • Fibre Resistance booty bands
  • Loop resistance bands (light/medium/hard)
  • Resistance bands with handles (light/medium/hard)

How long are the workouts?

Generally, the workouts take 30-45 minutes. This does not include warm-up or stretch time. Allow another 10-15 minutes for this.

Can I do this program at home?

Yes. As the programs are online, you can do these workouts at the gym, at home or even whilst travelling.

Is there an app for the program?

Not currently, But we are working on it. The website functions just as well.

How do I access the workouts?

The workouts can all be accessed through the website, you will have your own login details to access your personalised programs,

How does the exercise program work?

Each week there will be 5 different workouts. Typically 2 x upper body, 2 x lower body and 1 x full body. The program is about building and sustaining a healthy lifestyle, this is not recommended as short term option. I personally write these programs each week to include new exercise to keep challenging the body so you don’t get used to the same workouts.

Nutrition FAQ

Do you follow this meal plan?

Yes I do. These meals are super quick and easy to follow. And not to mention delicious. There are also optional meals, as everyone is different, your meals will vary depending on your calorie intake, allergies, likes/dislikes etc. I generally stick to the same meal plan every day. If I feel like something a little different, I can easily select another option from the E-Book.

Do you have to count calories as well?

Not necessarily. Each meal plan is already calorie controlled to suit your goals. I recommend investing in household food scales so you can portion your ingredients properly. Each mean plan has the ideal amount of macros to suit.

I have a family, can I cook the same food for them?

Yes. All meals can be made for your whole family, adjusting the quantity to suit each individual. You can make adjustments to certain ingredients if required i.e. Allergies, dislikes etc. Things like protein powders and nuts may not be suitable for everyone.

What if I have special dietary requirements?

The meal plan is based on a basic plan to suit most people. You can modify the recipes and meals to suit your needs, i.e. Substituting for gluten-free, non-dairy options.

Will I still get results if I don’t follow the meal plan?

Whilst exercising can get you results, the right meal plan is what will help decrease body fat. Combining the 2 together will see maximum results.

Do I have to follow your meal plan?

I have provided the meal plan as this is what has helped myself and my clients reach their goal. If you currently follow a meal plan that you are benefiting from, you should still see results.

Do you provide a grocery shopping list?

The list of ingredients required is all in the Recipe E-Book.

What kind of recipes are in your meal plan?

Most of the recipes in the E-Book are made using whole foods, gluten and dairy-free. If you are vegan or vegetarian, there are different options for protein available.

How do your meal plans work?

I strongly believe you should enjoy what you eat. So I have listed a large choice of meals that you can chose from sweet to savoury, snacks and larger meals. If you don’t enjoy what you eat, you are less likely to stick to your meal plan.

My thought on Intermittent fasting?

Great! Highly recommended, however before practising Intermittent fasting, I recommend you seek medical advice.

Can I drink Alcohol?

In moderation. Try and stick to spirits with Soda and fresh lemon/lime. It’s the hidden calories in drinks such as cocktails and wine/beer that can throw out your goal.

Additional information

Meal Plan

Lean Up Meal Plan, Muscle Gain Meal Plan, Weight Loss Meal Plan