Emily Kate PT

I was five when I was introduced to gymnastics and instantly fell in love with the sport. I have always been a very dedicated, compassionate person and gymnastics was the beginning.  At the end of club level I made it into the Australian Team but required to relocate to Canberra. I made the decision to transverse to another sport which was Springboard Diving and within six weeks had made it to Nationals and won a Gold medal for Queensland.

By sixteen I was an elite diver training for the 2012 Commonwealth Games, studying for grade 12 exams and qualifying as a gymnastics and diving coach. Unfortunately whilst training in Brisbane I had an diving accident from the 10m platform and sustained spinal fractures which ended my diving aspirations.

Undeterred, I went on to coach both sports whilst attaining a Cert 3 & 4 and Diploma of Fitness.  I have worked in the industry as a qualified Fitness Trainer for the past fifteen years I am still as passionate about it as the day I began but my focus has diversified a little.

In 2016 I lost four lovely people to suicide and was wondering why so many people were not coping with the pressures of today’s society?  As I work so close with my clients and build a close rapport with them I was wondering what more could I do to help them. That was my next mission.

So, I have created this website to focus on helping clients release our natural “happy pill” endorphins, through exercise, nourish the body with healthy delicious food but to also check in weekly with a personal journal to talk about YOU and your journey!

I’m not your average trainer. I look at things differently.  I want training to be fun & challenging, food to be tasty, a good sense of balance and a belief in yourself.